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Being in the industry for over a decade now, from photo journalism to a studio photographer and then an 'anything goes to pay the bills' photographer and currently breaking from the wildlife photography scene to a more commercial approach is just what I've always wanted, different styles, genres and a bag load of goodies, yet without entirely dismissing my traditional roots of being a shooter in which earns my outmost admiration and respect. My passion in the industry not only stands in photography, I've always had a keen admiration for short films, video clips and ads that would either skip a heartbeat, leave a scare and / or some laughter all in an eyebrow raising moment. The yearning for these sorts of works has always been my ultimate dream. Travelling, meeting all sorts of people and experiencing life. These inspirations / wanting to create and do something different and being paid for them (and most often times not) is beside the point. All through them is done with a hearts desire to create from the fundamentals of what truly evokes emotion and through it, my vision.

I'd like to thank all the awesome people that have been my muses, funders, sponsors and everyone that has thrown me a curve ball that somehow put me back on the right track.