About Me

Hello everyone!

my name is Amanda Cho, i'm (originally) come from surakarta, central java, Indonesia... now i'm on my studies on University of Indonesia Jakarta. i'm a friendly young lady xD (well that's from my own point of view), i like to be friend with many people as social human ofcourse! xD

im fluent in Indonesian, Javanese, and (maybe) English language, i know some in malay, korean, chinese mandarin, and japanese (im a culture student in my faculty).

the reason i'm (making an account) here are looking for friends, reference on doing my photoshot, and find some job (if possible) ^.^

at this time im not interested in nude photoshot, cuz im a newbie in this world of photograph
please feel free to be friend with me..

you can contact me on my personal e-mail: dfreezing(at)gmail(dot)com



19 Mar 14 14:19
Nice port!
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