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About Me

I love film - it's my passion, it's my life, it's my one true love. Everything about it; emerging myself in the art of telling a story using cinema as the platform allows me to experience over and over again that moment when my being feels complete and I know in my heart of hearts I'm walking in my life's purpose.

Who am I?
A storyteller

What am I?
A film producer

Why am I?
I love entertaining people by telling unique stories using the most interesting of characters.

You are invited to check out links to my past work here:

Politicking in Paradise (award-winning):

Frapper Avec Amour:

As well as news articles here:



28 Apr 14 12:28
Nice work!
26 Apr 14 11:35
Checked out some of your links, and you have a lot of talent! Welcome to the site, and looking forward to seeing more!
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