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About Me

Hello! I love all kind of design in life and to make and change illusions. I grow up with my artist mother-she did intaglio where you make pictures to the metal plate to print into paper. My childhood home was full of color smells, sarcastical jokes and our life was quite hectic and we lived in the moment. I feel comfortable in creative and changeable lifestyle.
Well, I love it- it makes my creative energy to flow.
On my teenager times I lived out my stress and anger into clothing making. Even my grades was on suffer bec. I just love d to make, create new cuts- I spent most of my time for it.
It's been my biggest dream to create my own clothing brand...10 years later I still believe in it and follow my dream. My heart feels most happy in making design, art and all creative.
Over here I'm looking new people, same crazy and passionate as I am:) To motivate,share, dream, perform and create new ideas, projects.
Love is all we need bec. it helps us to create!
Laura Adamson
p.s-on these pics I act as model, wearing my own design- Adamson Art&Design

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