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Currently working on a feature length Independent action film. Limited Photography bookings available

I reside in Sydney NSW and am a Published photographer ( BEST OF 2008 PHOTOGRAPHY ANTHOLOGY and published in AO MAGAZINE issue 2 as featured photographer over a 4 page spread and published as a featured photographer in PHOTOGRAPHY VIBES)

My photography is inspired by my passion for movies, drawing and reading comics, my look is stylised and different from the norm as i prefer to make my photos have a certain look, to make them something else than just a snap in time.

I am more than happy to assist aspiring models by helping to build there portfolios - however i am not really interested in doing the standard, point and click type of photography so i am trying to steer away from doing simple glamor shots- there has to be an edge. There has to be something that gives the photo the potential to be a piece of art.

Let me know if you would like to arrange a shoot. PLEASE NO TIME WASTERS...PLEASE ! I seem to have had a lot of bad luck with models and actresses cancelling last minute (or not even bothering to let me know they wont be coming) so i only want to work with models who have a professional mindset. Sorry but any last minute cancellations or no shows result in being forever black listed. (Yes your actions do actually have consequences lol)

Due to my workload I tend to not do TF* projects. Whilst im not in this for money and don't charge much I do charge a small amount to filter through the models who will waste time. I charge a flat $100 fee: This includes a 3 hour photo shoot and a data disk with over 20 images that will be touched up etc. This is a more than reasonable fee considering the time i spend working on the images and also my expenses.

BTW for technically concerned people my camera is a Nikkon D7100 24 megapixel SLR


Thank you to all the models who i have worked with from MM and abroad... unfortunantly there isnt enough room on MM to display all the awesome photos ive been able to take with these talented models but each and every shot has been amazing.


10 Jun 14 00:40
Fabulous work!
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