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About Me

I have entered the clubbing industry since 2003. I first started off as a EDM DJ around the same time songs such as "Sandstorm" and "Castles In the Sky" were still huge hits. In 2007 I stepped away from DJ'ing and entered the club promotions, and hosting industry with the creation of Phoenix Sounds. After years of promotions, I have currently stepped away from that scene, and went back to what I prefer to do, music, and photography. I have always had a strong passion for both, and I am currently building my portfolio as a photographer. I changed Phoenix Sounds to Enix , to begin a new transformation of my company into a social media outlet. Currently I DJ, and do photography. I am always interested in exploring new possibilities, and hope to build my portfolio from there.

You can see my full portfolio at under Photography Portfolio.


10 Jun 14 00:02
Nice work!
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