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About Me

The name 'Sacrum' derives from the Latin word for sacred, meaning sacred or strong bone. The Sacrum is the name for the strong, large triangular bone at the base of the spine, which was believed to be where the soul resides. Sacrum jewellery honors the legend of this sacred bone its design and philosophy.

Sacrum’s pieces are ultimately organic in design, breathing new life into old bones - the most balanced, triangular, symmetrical, ethically sourced, real mink and Lamb vertebrae bones are hand selected for their strength, and positive and balanced properties, and then cast in solid silver, brass and glazed ceramic. Sacrum’s Karma culture believes in the energy of a strong backbone and the power of renewal, promoting natural confidence and organic elegance to create beautiful, individual pieces “in the spirit of balance, strength and positivity”. Sacrum pieces are designed by nature and handmade by artist Marcus Aitken.

Designed by nature, crafted by man.

Sacrum by Marcus.

Marcus Aitken is an Artist and Jewellery Maker living and working in London.