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About Me

As an artist, then photographer, I strive to create truly eye-catching, memorable and multi-dimensional imagery.

I work exclusively in monochrome with the objective of capturing thought-provoking pieces that reveal complexity from simplicity, or simplexity - as I call it.

I (hopefully) achieve this through exploring hard and soft light combinations, tones, shadows, textures and focal blur that (also hopefully) deliver mysterious but captivating art: 2 dimensional imagery that reveals a multi-dimensional story.

Although I've been exploring this passion for many years, it's a part-time venture only and I have no intention or desire to make it a career. At best, I'm a part-time artist and amateur (but experienced) photographer; and it's highly unlikely that my creativity will single-handedly catapult anyone to fame. There is however a chance that a collaboration could add a new 'stand-out' dimension to an existing portfolio, be it yours, mine or, ideally both.

Sadly, I have more concepts and ideas than access to models or time. What's more, I've pretty much exhausted my family/friend supply of subjects to work with. So I'm hoping that this site may evolve into some TFP and TFCD type work with models looking to add a new or alternative dimension to their portfolios. In return for your precious time (and sometimes patience) you will receive a selection of exceptional, high-res, print-quality image stills that present your expressive skills through my artistic lens.

Although I have no personal interest in adult-theme-related work, whether soft or hardcore, I have done a handful of low-key adult themed shoots at the request of the model. However, cast an eye over my portfolio and you'll quickly see that my style does tend to incorporate skin - including implied, semi and sometimes full nudity - but with a focus on none of these aspects. I cannot stress that point enough: see the first two sentences above as to why.

If behind-the-scenes implied, semi or full nudity bothers you, please state so upfront so that I don't waste your time and you mine. I'm happy to work within the limits of your boundaries, so long as you let me know up-front and you're happy to work with my creativity. Having said this, my end-products seldom 'reveal' much of anything, and should form a welcomed, classy addition to any portfolio.

As my interests are well and truly weighted on the artistic side, I do all of my own lighting and post-production retouching because 98% of the time the concept is mine and only I fully appreciate the image I am trying to create. TFP/TFCD will only include the final image piece(s).

Prior to any form of shoot occurring, I would prefer that we meet at least once publicly beforehand (tea or coffee, my shout); and the reasons for this are three-fold:

1) to reassure me that your personality and physical attributes are consistent with the project theme;
2) to provide an opportunity for us to explore (and perhaps brain-storm) the creative objectives in detail,
3) to allow both of us to develop a level of rapport and comfort in advance of working together.

Having said all this, you should find me to be easygoing, relaxed and, above all else, professional at all times.

Please cast an eye across my portfolio and contact me if you'd if you think we do some mutually beneficial work.


10 Sep 14 12:59
Beautiful work!
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