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About Me

Please read my entire bio prior to contacting me.

My wife accompanies and assists me during most shoots.

Regardless of how I come across in my bio, I'm actually a very nice guy. I like to set boundaries up front.
I love tattoo, sensual, rock, outdoor, classy, alternative themed shoots.
I don't shoot "booty" or "music video" style photography, so please don't ask.
I don't shoot traditional glamour photography, but will entertain a blend of sensual and glamour.
I do not pay or compensate other than TFP/TFCD.
I will ask for a wardrobe test fit; I'm tired of getting burned by models that think their wardrobe will work for the shoot.
PLEASE DO NOT WASTE MY TIME AND FLAKE. If there is a last minute problem, concern, change of mind, etc, be a grown up and let me know; I'm understanding.
I take my time and my hobby seriously and act professionally; I request that you do as well. Please be prompt, communicate, participate and have FUN!

I don't like to do much re-touching, if any. I feel that the beauty of my subject will remain more natural without computer enhancement. If there is any blemish that drastically effects the image quality I will touch it up. Requests made for minor retouching will be accepted, otherwise, it will most likely not be touched.

You can see more at:

If you like my work, please friend me. :-)


27 Oct 14 18:25
Awesome work!
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