About Me

UK professional, versatile, published model with 5 years experience in the industry.

I am a fun, bubbly, hard working woman to be around, I am professional & punctual to all of my shoots.

I have a very creative mind & don't like to copy but become inspired - I like to make every shoot I do my own & will work my hardest to get that perfect shot.

I feel & have been told that I have a very versatile look because of my Polish background, so because of this I love to push myself to the max & try out lots of new things, whether its a wig or covering me in body paint - I am very up for trying styles, themes etc out.

My rates are £25 per hour working up to lingerie, boudoir & tasteful implied nude, they show off my 5 years experience, skill & know how of the industry

The minimum time I shoot for is 2 hours.

Unfortunately I am not available for any TFCD/FREE SHOOTS as this is my main source of income, if I did need a TFCD shoot sorting out, I would contact previous photographers I have worked with in the past.

I am wanting to add more outdoor/location work to my portfolio as well as tasteful lingerie, body painting & high fashion shots.

I am always on the look out to shoot & have an idea I would like to try out.

I work up to:



*Tasteful implied nude (I understand that some people work in different ways when it comes to implied nude, but I work on a basis where I do still have some clothes on, with my modesty covered but pose in a way where it looks like I am nude & use props etc to cover up my modesty)

I have beautiful woods & countryside across the way from my house which is great to use for location shoots when it is DRY.

At the weekends & evenings during the week my boyfriend can drive me to any shoots.


21 Jan 15 13:32
Thanks for the add Laura! I LOVE your port! Incredible!
11 Nov 14 23:25
Nice work!
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