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After a short break from the photography industry (6 years), have decided to pick it back up again. I am starting over from scratch which means buying all new equipment, which if I knew how expensive it was I would have kept all my old stuff, not only do I have to get new equipment but also rebuild my portfolio and model base. During my time away from photography there was on feeling that I never forgot and that was making a new models dream become a reality, I know one of the benefits of us photographers is getting to take pictures of BEAUTIFUL WOMEN, but that was not the greatest part for me, it was helping a new model work through her nervousness of her very first shoot and then getting to see their eyes light up when they are seeing their pictures for the first time and have a hard time believing that that is them in the pictures and also helping them getting their first break into the world of modeling, that'd is what I truly miss, so with that being said I welcome all new comers and models of all experience that want to have a portfolio built or to add some new pictures to their portfolio, please feel free to get in touch with me and we will see if we can get a shoot set up, because I have many picture ideas in mind that I want to create and they will be unlike any seen before and will be quite an addition to anyone's portfolio, not only am I only looking to take a model to the next level but one that will also help me to get there.Thanks for dropping in and hope to shoot pictures with you in the near future.


19 Nov 14 22:41
Nice work!
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