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About Me

The joy of creation is what photography is all about to me.

My personal interests tend towards the artistic and alternative. This does not prohibit me from exploring other styles ... it's just a preference.

At this point in time I am looking to work with models, MUA's, hair stylists and wardrobe designers in the same figurative 'boat' as me. Aka, new artists looking to break into the scene; who are willing to trade time now for benefit later. This means that although I will pay *outstanding* models on occasion, that I am really looking for mutually beneficial TFP collaborations.

Some notes on TF:

Please note that 'trade' for me doesn't imply you will get 300 RAW images on a CD. I edit aggressively and will select only the highest quality pictures to share. The number of images you will receive will depend on your role in the shoot.

Model will typically receive 10 - 15 edited images
Hairstylist/MUA will typically receive 2 edited images per look
Wardrobe stylist will typically receive 3 - 4 edited images per look

These are approximations, but you get the idea.

With that out of the way, I'm pretty fun to shoot with! I have many projects lined up, so contact me if you're interested in participating, or if you have any cool alternative/art you want to work on!


02 Dec 14 13:14
Terrific port! Can't wait to see more from you.
24 Nov 14 13:22
Gorgeous work!
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