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I am a full-time professional photographer, video producer and motion graphics artist who likes to have fun and be creative. For several years I've spent my time producing video for television and corporate clients and have been fortunate to win a few Telly Awards. My work includes commercials for television and web, documentary style television shows and corporate promotional & educational video. All of that to say... I don't play around at this! I have a lot of fun, but this is what I do professionally and I'm committed to the success of everyone who works with me!

My photography focus includes model/portrait, landscape and some still life work. I regularly produce video and photography work for sale on several major Stock Image & Video Websites and will be expanding this aspect of my work. I'm also exploring projects with a more artsy and edgy side to them. If any of that sounds like something you are interested in, send me message!

I've joined iStudio to collaborate with models for video and photo shoots, for creation of commercial stock, occasionally for use in corporate or music video productions AND for the fun of doing really creative cutting edge work. Some projects include a budget to hire models for pay and some don't. Pay can vary based on the project and experience of the model but keep in mind... I want us both to benefit from working together and I prefer that to mean everyone is having fun and making some money! I look forward to the chance to meet and work with some of the talented professionals here at iStudio.



01 Dec 14 14:40
Nice work!
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