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About Me

Hello, my name is wallie and me english is somewaht (:))

I living in switzerland, my origin is Italian and i am photographerand 3D designer (Human 3D)

My spéciality are concert, people, events and movies (cinéma) photographer.
I do some studio shooting, because is very intresting and make me happy to make some challenge, we learn all time when we shoot in studio. control models, light and transmitting an idea in a photos (that i love very well).

Our problems in switzerland is to find models, because Studio photo is not very good implémented like you others or very expensive.

I stopped making photos over 6 month for some health reason but i return in it very soon. (i have like 2000 photos to put from 2014, si i have already lot of job this time).

I am happy and very excited to change mind, photos, idéa, friendship with you all!
Cheers and take care


02 Jan 15 22:41
Nice work!
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