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About Me

A seriously talented photographer born in 1970 in Poland, Radek Janicki, after shooting in Poland, the Philippines, Indonesia and Kenya, recently made Virginia his home. He brings with him over 25 years of photographic achievement that he applies to all his photo projects – advertising, events, fashion shoots and wedding documentaries.

A traveller and outdoors loving person, Radek began his adventure with photography shooting landscapes, wildlife and macro objects in the pre-digital era. Radek learned the discipline of making the best out of available conditions (subject, light, location and camera) on the spot and not rely on computers and software to take a good picture.

The artist came to USA from Asia through Africa. At first he joined the crew at Seasons Photography and Fine Arts in Jakarta, and later worked solo with his own company (Radek Art Photography). He has been photographing the Jakarta’s and Nairobi's high society, who’s who in fashion and TV and for the finest of establishments, including the swanky new Ritz-Carlton Hotel.

He’s even managed to get himself featured in Indonesian Esquire not unlike his clients! Well, this thanks to Harper Publishing, and a successful photo exhibition "Worlds Apart" at the prestigious Indonesian National Gallery. Toasted by the diplomatic and art society as "impressive", the exhibit shows that Radek’s photos are, er, not just another pretty face (although they mostly are!). They are also arty and skilful! In Kenya Radek quickly let himself known amongst fashionistas and celebrities as a hard working, reliable but mostly talented photographer with a fresh ideas and never ending enthusiasm to push the limits of his artwork. Such attitude glowed him to became appreciated and widely published artist.

He is the author of numerous other photographic exhibits held in Europe, Asia and Africa; hundreds of his pictures have been published in photographic albums, textbooks, postcards, calendars and magazines in the countries of Europe, North America, South East Asia and Africa. He has won in the annual photographic competition organized by prestigious International Federation of Wildlife Photographers.

Recently, Radek is focused on providing photographic services for marketing campaigns. His talent is supported by broad experience and modern high-end equipment. Combined with his reliability, no wonder why clients are saying "cheese" off his camera. You can find his pictures in Couture Africa Magazine, he cooperates with famous Kenya Fashion Awards, consults and shoots for biggest African online retailer Jumia as well as exclusive boutiques like Mille Collines, Adele Dejak, Palmers and many other clients (KLM, Village Market Shopping Mall etc).

And who would have thought this camera slinger also had an intellectual side? Radek Janicki studied geography and completed his doctorate in environmental science. He worked as a university professor and researcher and continues to consult for international organizations on Geographic Information Systems.


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Lovely work!
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