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About Me

Hello, my name is Stephen - Thank you for stopping by to take a look at my portfolio!

About me:
I am very passionate about modeling. I love the creative and artsy side of it that allows both photographer and model to capture what is sometimes only imagined!

I am always ready to shoot! Photographers wanting to collaborate - get at me with your ideas! One of my goals of me being on here is to network! Network network network! I know someone who knows someone who is shooting in FL next week. Need a model? How about a photographer? Contacts!!! I am here to gain more of those!!! Although I like the phrasing "friend request", and while they may be a true friend, I still think they should call it a "Connection" or "Network Contact". If I try to "friend" you, it's because I like your work and would like to network or maybe even collaborate. Not because I'm coming over for tea or coffee. Not that that can't happen but.... We are all in this together are we not? Lets Create!!

I've worked with numerous photographers over the years and have done web, magazine, and film work as well.

I do have a non-exclusive contract with an agency out of Miami FL doing fitness shots and casual clothing/print add work, but I've done so much more freelance work! I am not opposed to doing implied nudes however I am not doing any "nudes" at this time sorry.

If we agree on something, you can rely on me. I would never flake on you! I hear these horror stories and it's just hard to believe how someone can expect to further their career being unreliable. Not me! I'll be there, and I'll be prepared!
I can be contacted through this web site. Always looking to add or try new things for my port.


13 Feb 15 15:59
Nice port! Keep up the good work.
13 Feb 15 14:24
Nice work!
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