Atom Bach - Horns - Model: Mandy Eversole
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About Me

I moved to Las Vegas after almost dying in surgery from an exploded appendix.All of a sudden life was too short to keep wondering what lay "out there." So it's 8 years later and my life, art and photography has become about the fantasy and the outrageous. I try to put everything into new concept as old perspectives become as obsolete as a 5 year old laptop. This is where the soul for what I do comes from. It goes beyond just a feeling or an emotion. I want to make a scene. I know they say "Don't make a scene!" But for me it's exactly what i like to do as my shoots tell stories. For this site, I'm looking to collaborate, network and make art from the photos I bring to life, especially with plus sized and curvy models. I specialize in retro, horror, unique and pinup. I also work with bands and music photography. I look forward to seeing you around the studio!


Work featured in these publications:

Silhouette of a Memoir
Gorgeous Freaks Magazine
Positively PinUp
Sweet Tart Pinup
Tres Jolie Magazine
Betty Ace - Broads and Rods


02 Mar 15 19:13
Nice work!
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