About Me

'm a photographer, wow it feels great to get that out feel as if I been holding that in for awhile. I've started doing photography in a serious manner about 2 years ago but have had a camera in my hand for over 10 years. This is not my Career this is my Passion, the love of my life my mistress and my wife. I enjoy having a good time so all my shoots are filled with laughter and or awkward silences because you didn't get my jokes. On a side note a lot of my photos still have my old name LivinglifePhotography. But with a new start must come a new outlook and thus a new name Zoyour SmileZ.

My Photography

Diversity is a big part of my photography Including Comfort and Nonjudgmental feelings. With my camera in my hand I am Captain Planets, or not. I will say I am someone who will shoot just about anything. I provide Lifestyle family event portraits, Glamour Portraits and discreet personal photos. Allowing me to Capture a Special moment in your life gives me joy that only few Photographers still have these days. Trust me with your Beauty and I PROMISE to only show your good side. Telling me your photo desires and your secret will remain hidden.


02 Mar 15 19:10
Nice work!
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