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Heya! I am a photographer who wants to go beyond the typical. I can do the typical - I LIKE the typical actually. Headshots, photoshoots in the park, at the beach, with a car, etc. Those are GREAT, and I enjoy doing them.... BUT - I have recently started exploring themed shoots. Kind of like single frame movies. Over the top, epic, fantastic and unique shots. If YOU have an idea - fully developed or just the start of an idea, contact me - I would LOVE to be involved. If you want to come up with an idea from scratch WITH me, one that we create together from the ground up, contact me and lets get started. I have several ideas myself - if you would like to be involved (yep, you see this one coming) contact me! Again, I LOVE doing the normal stuff - it's NOT played out, there are still millions of shots left to be taken, so feel free to contact me for those as well... but contact me ESPECIALLY if you want to be involved in creating something truly memorable and unique.


06 Mar 15 16:54
Beautiful work!
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