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About Me

Hello, thank you for stopping by! I was in the U.S. Army for eight years, now I am a full time Deputy Sheriff. I am a freelance artist/illustrator on the side.

Just so people are not mistaken, I do not trace or take photographs. I freehand my art and if I want to color it I will do so on photoshop one layer at a time. I am flattered that people have thought otherwise, but I am just an old fashion sketch artist.
I have started using a tablet now so I rarely use paper. I start by sketching out the image, then clean it up and darken the final lines, then I go to color and that is where most of my time is taken.

I am always interested in new projects. I am a versatile artist, so if you have an idea run it by me, and we will bring it to life.

Take a look at my new website for more images of my work!

I have done comic book work and design work as well as pin-up art. When sketching a model I prefer photos, that way I can take my time for perfection.

My general rates are $75 for black and white, and $199 for color. Of course the amount of detail wanted, exposure of my work or use of reference photos, all play a part in discounts or added charges.



My amazing wife, who has a great art talent as well!
Rod Jacobsen for keeping me on the art path.
Ric Estrada for taking me in as family and teaching me so much about art. He will not be forgotten!
Everyone that has commissioned my work, and has shown support to me in this field.


23 Nov 12 14:47
Thank you for the FR. Nice to see you here! Keep up great work. Brenda
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