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About Me

I've been a Retoucher/Digital Artist for years now. However, I'm just starting out as a photographer. I wanted to be the one taking the images I wished to manipulate. Have my vision exactly the way I see it.

Since I'm relatively new to photography and don't have a lot of pictures I've taken personally in my port, always willing to trade my services and even out to hire on occasion. However, I've been in the actual industry for a while so I have a fair amount of knowledge I'm willing to share with newer Retouchers/Models, so don't be afraid to ask.

I'm nice. I promise. :D

A few of the basics I feel I should go over:

Friend Requests: I love them, all for them, but please have some reason for adding me: either you like my work, want to remember me, or have some intention of working with me one day. Converse, at least a little. All I'm saying.

Pictures received: If we trade, I pay you, you pay me--regardless of what the set up is, you'll get pictures. Please be respectful when asking for the amount, and patient. It takes me a while to post work them, but you will get them.

Escorts: Typically a case by case basis. I usually would prefer not, as a shoot should be between a model and photographer only, but for absolutely new models who are still a bit timid, I understand. I just have one rule: No boyfriends/no mothers. Sorry. I've had too many experiences with the Alpha Male sorts. The types that don't want their girlfriend modeling in the first place, and will dictate how she can pose, what she can shoot, etc. They control the shoot, when that's my/the models job. Also not big on the Past Their Prime mothers. They control as well, only in the opposite way. You should always do your research and check references, and I am happy to give them. However, if you require one, please just let me know.


16 Mar 15 12:04
Fabulous work!
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