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"Entry Level" Models and Makeup Artists: Need to build up your portfolio? So do I. I'm not a "beginner" in photography, but have been branching out of my usual nature and wildlife photos and trying to do more posed people shots. I am especially interested in practicing "Outdoor Portraits" at local county parks or "Fashion" shoots in local downtown areas. These are public areas with people around, and your friend, partner, boyfriend, etc. is welcome to come along on the shoots - especially if they can help you with your hair and makeup, have ideas for shots, and help hold the reflector/diffuser while I take the pictures. (But no kids along please.)

If you're "just starting out", I know you would ultimately like to make money from modeling. I get that. I would like to be paid for my photography, but I don't. I'm a volunteer. My day job is a desk job at a non-profit organization that does great work in the community. I've also had my own non-profit organization (an outdoor recreation group for singles) and worked at an environmental, "save the earth"-type non-profit organization. At night and on the weekends, I volunteer lots of time taking pictures regularly for three different organizations I'm involved in. These are usually candids at an event, but sometimes there is a need for more posed pictures which I have been making a concentrated effort to improve on the last year or so. That's why I've joined iStudio, to hopefully recruit some patient women that will let me practice and improve my people-picture skills as we build up each other's portfolios. It's about collaboration - like in the non-profit world, we might be competing for the same grants, tapping in to the same donor base, but ultimately we're both working to do good in the community.

Since I'm only practicing, I can really only do a "Time for Pictures" (and maybe lunch or dinner or some gas money) arrangement to build up each other's portfolios. I am not getting paid by some ad agency, magazine or website and am not selling these pictures, just practicing and improving so I can better serve the non-profit organizations I work with. Hopefully someone out there will by sympathetic to the cause....