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About Me

Matthew "M@tch" Ray was born the son of a FBI cryptologist during the Cold War in our nation's capital. After his father was transferred to The Great White North, Match was cast in a PSA about drunk driving and sparked a fire within. At an early age he realized he ran to the beat of a different drummer. Finding a knack for sound production, he was his hometown's youngest sound tech. in their theatre while pursuing theatre and dance throughout middle and high school. During his sophomore year summer break, he packed up a mountain pack and bought a one way ticket out of Alaska, then hitchhiked to LA with $15 bucks and two loaves made into pbj's to start life in the entertainment industry. After being super-submerged in theater, movement and video finishing his high school years- he jumped immediately into film and got cast in a Disney film after graduating high school. Finding his home on stage, in any form, he finished broadcast school and was installed into two FM Rock shows in LA for almost 5 years- then producing his own show as well as singing at a local coffee house as well with a local HxC band.

You can see him in a collaborative project on MyTeeVee.Tv (pilot) called "Match: The Society".


Please see

“Carriers/ Walk The Halls” - Perp Lifetime Movie
“Mixology” ep. 1.08 - Waiter (with ear expanders) ABC
“Franklin & Bash” ep. 3.08 - Good Bowler TNT

Motion Pictures:
Terms And Conditions - Goon Nadeem Soumah
Reel Evil - ‘Background Film Crew’ Character Full Moon Features
Zombies vs. Strippers - Punk ‘Hole in the Head’ Zombie Full Moon Features
An American in Hollywood - Nazi V Twinz
The ABCs of Death “D is for…” - “Mastectomy” Marcel Sarmiento

New Media:
Be The Church (movie) - Weird Dude — Principle
Match, The Series: “The Society” Ep. - Thug — Featured
In The Shadows of the City - Dante — Lead Student short
Weekend Showcase, Series: “The Devil May Care” Ep. - Satan — Principle
Beckinfield (Collaborative Series) - Ray Matthews — Support & Principle
Preying For Mercy - Drug Dealer — Principle Duke Media
Soul Shack (Sizzle Reel) - The Tour Manager — Principle Pilot

Performance Winner: Home recorded monologues Ford: “The Man Who Knew Too Little” “Always Night” sizzle

Frisk Worldwide Motorcycle Rider (stunts)
Photoshoot w/Warner Bro.s Photographer Scorpion/ Tarantula Wrangler (in mouth & on body)
Music Video (s) Fighting, flips, etc.
The Human Centipede III “Manipede” scene(s) Yeah, like it sounds…

Music Videos:
Avion Blackwell “Cries From The City” - Bible Throwing Punk (U5) + FX/ Make-up
Angel Haze “No Bueno” LA Freak
George Watsky “Kill a Hipster” ‘Breaking Bad’ Zombie
Albina “Dance with Me” Al Anon member
Red “Release The Panic” Escapee

“The Kaleidoscope Program” (AM) Announcer/ VO Sports Radio
“The Ground Floor” 106.3 FM LA: (1 year) Public Speaker/ VO/ MC/ On-air ‘staffer’ Rock Show
“Planet Rock” 96.3 FM LA: (3 1/2 years) On-air personality “Brother Matt” / MC Rock Show
“The Outer Fringe” (HxC Show) Host/ Producer/ VO

Public Service: “How To Rate Contestants” VO
Sanctuary Concert Hotline: (3 years) Weekly Host Announcer/ VO/ Narration
Juneau Douglas POA ‘Student’ Drunk Driving PSA

Public Speaking/ Live Performances:
All The World's a Stage Actor/ Production
2:17 Productions MC/ Host/ Writer
The Attic Coffeehouse MC/ Host/ Producer/ Singer

Special Skills:
Scorpion handler (AHS registered), Exotic herptile handler (snakes, reptiles, etc.), Exotic Bird handler (Parrots, Macaws, etc.),
Dog handler; Tattooist & Piercist (licensed); Motorcycle rider (Class M) Production: Greensman, Lighting & Sound, AV, Editing, Voice Over, Singer: Sports: Archery, Arm Wrestling, Badminton, Baseball, Billiards, Body Surfing, Bowling, Boxing, Canoeing, Fishing, Football, Frisbee, Hacky-Sack, Handball, Hiking, Ice Hockey, Ice Skating, Jet Skier, Jogging, Kayaker, Ping Pong,
Pogo Stick, Pool, Racquetball, Roller Hockey, Roller Skate, Rollerblade, Running, PRO Snow Ski: Downhill Skier, Cross
Country Skiing, Snowmobile, Soccer, Softball, Boogie Boarder, Target Shooting, Tennis, Trampoline, Volleyball