JW Schrodinger - Highwayman (me) in a short film. Selfie!
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About Me

I've been teaching Secondary Art, Design, Film and Photography for the last few years. I’ve now decided I need to be making my own art rather than facilitating students’. I'm looking to reignite and expand my photography practice into something aesthetically and financially satisfying.

I'm on this site because I want to get back into photography in a big way. I am putting together portfolios to have a go at establishing myself in fashion and other editorial photography genres, with an eye toward shooting in SEA (where I live) and selling my work in NYC (where I'm from).

I used to work in the film industry and do some photography professionally as well. However, I was in a weird little niche: I shot stuff to be used in music videos and commercials. Not production stills, but props, set dressing and still-image video montages.

Thus, I’ve not yet made any work intended as fashion or model work. The images I have uploaded are either production stills, stuff shot for music videos or short films (to be used on screen) or just playing around on set (the image closest to a fashion photograph is one of those).

Finally, my real name’s Jeff.

Why, then, do I call myself JW Schrodinger? Firstly, I look a bit like Bryan Cranston in Breaking Bad. Secondly, like his character Walter White, the story starts with me as a teacher. Finally, I’m not dealing drugs, and Heisenberg’s been done, so when I myself break bad I am naming my alter ego after a different scientist…


23 Apr 15 23:44
Cool port!
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