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-If I am unable to confirm our shoot the day before via cell/txt, then you will be considered a no show.
-Consider the shoot cancelled if you're over 15min late. Our time is too valuable.
-Paid models do not receive photos. See Rachel's comment below.

Rachel Jay sums it up nicely...

http://racheljay.wordpress.com/2011/06/ … /#comments

"If I hire a model, do I still need to give them photos from the session?
Generally, if you’re hiring a model, you don’t need to provide images from the session. It’s always nice to get one or two edited images as a “hey, thanks again, check out the stuff we got” kinda thing, but it’s not necessary or expected (generally). If you make it clear that your transaction will be simple (model poses, photographer pays), then you can edit on your own time and not have to worry about busting your hump to provide images in a reasonable amount of time. But, as in the case with sending images, discuss this in advance to help eliminate unpleasant surprises."