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Hello iStudio, my names Matt from Tulsa, Oklahoma...don't really love it but..for now It's home. I'm 29 and relatively new to the modeling scene. I have high goals and high expectations for myself & those I work with...I am relatively new to this scene, but not new to the scene called life. I believe that "if you can believe it you can achieve it"... & during my time on planet earth I believe to achieve many things...

My style range is broad! I've got a beautiful smile, a timeless face, great genes and idea's in my head that I'm just ready to give to the world.Influences from Ed Hardy to 1930's guilded age to 1980's punk rock to early 90's Calvin Klein.

My ideas...& concepts are truly out of this world, & if I cant find a photographer to shoot it for you can see in my port I shoot it myself, lol. Once again if you can shoot better, please contact me!

I look forward to working with tastefull photographers, co-models and ANYONE that can make the world of modeling better.

God Bless!



23 Apr 15 23:42
Nice work!
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