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Hello Atlanta...

Here's to a Great 2015 Season

New York born and raised first and foremost, Queens will forever be my home. My background has been with private fashion events in New York, Corporate photography and now I freelance. My style of photography is not all about skin, I shoot everything because this is a form of art, I choose to show, is because of people that look at all my sites.
I go with the natural shot. In my portfolio, most all shots are non-photo shopped images with the exception of maybe five (guess which ones)
I prefer not to do a lot of post-production work after. Unless the image is used in production, publication or print.

For anyone I work with, there are a few things you should know up front:
1. Please keep scheduled shoot, if you cannot please call.
2. Please be on time, you may not be the only one scheduled for the day.
3. Call if you are running late, or change your mind, I understand things happen.
4. How I treat things on iStudio
*Friend Request
- I do send friend request to models, MUA, etc. that I am interested in working with. If they are sent to me I will take it as appreciation of my work and happily except.
*Release Form
- I shoot for a variety of clients, so every model will receive a release form to read and sign, outlining the terms and conditions of the shoot and how to get your allotted images, and you won't need a lawyer to understand the document.
*Test Shoots
- I use test shoots as the beginning steps for collaborative work, I typically will not use MUA unless they too are being considered.
- TFP images are Hi Res images, but they do not include retouching. Retouching and MUA are reserved for publication, production, print and paid work. You will always receive credit.
*Communication /Response
- I check both iStudio and my email often, so I will typically respond within 2 hours of receiving your email or at the latest the next day.
- I will respond to you via text, MM or the email mail address you give me or both.

The images on this site in no way shows my complete range. While my images are always tasteful, I will shoot what you want, so just ask. My shots are natural, I will not alter body shape or size unless requested to do so by model. It sounds demanding I know, but it is what it is....as they say.
With that being said....
Let's add to your portfolio!

If you wish to contact me outside of iStudio please go to my site (www.mvanbphotography.com) and use the contact option there or send all inquiries to mvbphotos@gmail.com, I am professional at all times.
My studio is located in Riverdale GA I moved my studio from Atlanta because cost was outrageous for building space.

All major cards accepted and PayPal. Affordable pricing.

My studio is on the Southside serving Atlanta, College Park, Fayetteville, Riverdale, Peachtree City, and Morrow. It is an apartment studio in a Gated community at Sutter Lake Apartments.

http://www.modelmayhem.com/2441057 check out more of my work.

Semper Fi P.I.
~carpe diem~


21 Jun 15 17:32
Welcome! Wishing you all the best.
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