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About Me

☼ An Artist (Acrylics, Metal, Wood) & Fine Art (B&W) photographer - I love being spontaneous, having lot's of fun and most of all, capturing great images that my clients and/or, models can use for their portfolios, resumes or social media. 

Art & Photography are my creative outlet's and am also always looking for Local talent.

☼ My favorite photo Themes include: FINE ART, COSPLAY - FASHION, LINGERIE, SPORTS, SWIMWEAR & TATTOO Photography. This site is set-up for Amateur or New models only.

☛ Note - have multiple Portfolio's are scattered across numerous Pro Photography sites like: Model Mayhem, OMP, SmugMugPro, Model Scout, PhotoSphere, VB, etc. I also shoot for Private Clients, and SPA Product lines.

☼ Live on the Big Island, and part-time in SF. I enjoy directing and supporting models, especailly our Local girls who oftened are not offered many opportunities to model themes like : Editorial, Hula, Island Fashions, Beach & Surf Gear, Sports, or Yoga.

~ Interested to schedule a session? ... please drop an email with your contact info, so we can chat about upcoming projects, and see where you fit in ... and setup a shoot date.

☼ Contact: gigs.craigslist@yahoo.com