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Hello! First of all, I would like to thank all of the models and photographers that I have had the opportunity to work with from this site, and going back through the years. I am looking to work with models who share the same passion that I have, and help in any way that I can to take their career Forward, Backwards, Sideways, or leave it Right in the Perfect Place that they may feel it already is! I love what I do and enjoy working with models that bring energy and creativity to a shoot. I've been involved with both sides of the camera for the last 12 years, and 11 years prior to that as a classical portrait artist working in the traditional media or Watercolor, Graphite, and Pastel.
Looking for cool personalities to work with. I've been told I'm everything from chill, to adventurous, from super-simple to incredibly creative, enthusiastic, outgoing, fun - and a little bit More than Crazy-!. For me, it's all about the energy & spontanaity while remaining true to the project's theme or goals.
As an artist I believe that creative work should be a celebration of our vision & beauty, Inside as well as out! I've worked with models looking to get published (and published Again-!), experienced & inexperienced, as well as people who have No concern for a modelling career whatsoever but have that Something Awesome that I can see inside of them & want to help Them see themselves.
I have a special place for models who've been struggling, or new/lacking a lot of experience; If I Friend you, I want to Work with you. If I want to Work with you, I want to Pay you. I'm not a prima donna, I'm offering Experience, Creativity and Payment because you need to learn and grow/eat too. Additionally, I run another full time business so I avoid TFP at all costs - I don't want to make a deadline promise that my other obligations might force me to break, so as a general rule every session is paid, same day. This way I'm able to deal with all of the vagaries of my other business without having to deal with texts/emails every two days asking "How's the work going? I wanna seeeee-!" Yah. Don't do that. I almost always have something going on, so hit me up and I'll do a lot to help offer a diversity to your portfolio and give you shots to expand your portfolio with a high standard of quality.


10 Jul 15 16:03
Nice work!
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