Boon Ching NG - Self portrait
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About Me

Special interest in Portrait photography. Do B&W Large format portrait on sheet film (ILFORD FP4+) 4x5", 5x7" and 8x10". Favourite cameras are the Linhof Technika 5x7 and Gowlandflexes 4x5" and 8x10".
Have my own darkroom at home with De Vere 5108 (cold light Heiland Splitgrade) and De Vere 504 condensor light to do my own print on fibre based paper.

Portraiture done in my own studio or outdoor near the beach.

Need help in printing your B&W portrait film (from 35mm to 8x10" negative) ? I am contactable at


15 Aug 15 20:08
Excellent work.
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