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My name is Brianna Fitzpatrick.I'm located in the small town of Unionville (Connecticut.) I'm very shy unless I'm talking about something I'm passionate about or you seem really cool. I have my lip nose and ears pierced. My hair color is constantly changing,and I'm in love with music,makeup,piercings,and cats. Concerts are my life.

I have no real experience,however, I'm looking to gain some...hence why I created my profile. I'm looking to be a promo model,currently I promote 2 brands,but I'm looking for more! I'm very interested in creative photography and I'm willing to shoot almost anything if I adore the concept. I love the goth/grunge/alternative/pastel goth/creepy cute style. Due to my age,travel is a topic we'll have to discuss. If anyone is willing to teach me about photography,I would be very happy as I am looking to be a photographer too.

Aside from wanting to be a model and possible photographer,I'm currently an intern for a local clothing brand. In the future I hope to be interviewing rock bands for Alternative Press magazine and maybe even taking photographs of them.

Even though I am young, I do look older. I am very mature for my age as well. As for rates I do not wish to be paid at the moment (even though it would be nice!)

Stay wild moon child!

- Brianna

Instagram: http._.bree_

Facebook: facebook.com/HaiBreeBunny

Kik: xxbreebunnyxx217

Ask for my cell number,tumblr,twitter and any other information if needed!


15 Aug 15 20:03
Welcome! Wishing you all the best :)
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