About Me

My first exposure to photography was around the age of 10 when I picked up my dad's old Nikon film SLR. Quickly learned the ins and outs of full manual cameras and have been shooting ever since. My goal for joining is to meet and work with models of all experience levels in order to learn more about posing/directing models and working with controlled lighting.

My main objective is for my work to be pure and honest and true. I love meeting and working with new people and seeing how their personalities shape my photography. I like using natural light (when I can), and natural looking settings to compliment a model's personality. I would love to become a versatile enough photographer so that I can adjust my style based on the model, rather than adjust the model to suit my style.

I do work full time, and shoot a fair number of private events (families, children, etc.) that I cannot post here. I am open to any TF work if I'm not already scheduled and am also open to trying unique concepts, so feel free to message me. Best wishes to everyone!


Olivia Andrade


11 Sep 15 16:57
Nice work!
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