About Me

Hi, my name is James Han and I am a Singaporean Chinese.

I was first introduced to photography during one of my childhood birthday celebration when I received it as a present. It was those film type camera with disposable flash which have a bulb on each of the 4 sides and will rotate by the camera when you uses the flash. And yes, it can only be used once and those were the days in the early 80s.

Not too long ago, this memory of the antique camera came back to me and I immediate went to purchase my DSLR camera and started photography.

The 1st local model whom had agreed to be my model was Vivien Kelly Chua and I thank her for giving me this opportunity to start this new hobby of mine.

I look forward to getting more exposure, to learn and horn my skills along this journey.


Vivien Kelly Chua
Shirley Tin


15 Jan 16 15:08
Nice work!
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