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EF Magnifique Ads and Events is an event organizing group founded last April, 2014. We are dedicated in creating a new breed of talented individuals who can compete on the fashion and social industry globally.

We have a group of photographers, models, hosts, singers, and dancers who participate on social events.

Our company started with only a few people. Contrary to other agencies, EF Magnifique was founded from scratch. With the determination, passion, and talent of a few individuals, the company has now grown tremendously. With just 3 people working on developing the agency, the company now has 30 people working hard together to bring its vision into reality.

EF Magnifique currently has it's tagline of 'Modeling Revolutionized.' This campaign was started by Operations Manager Fiona Lideza as she sees how the majority defines modeling into a certain standard. Especially in the Philippine industry, majority of the people has this notion that models should only be tall, skinny, and fair in complexion.

The EF Magnifique 2015 campaign: United Colors of EF features a line of models from different parts of the world, unique and beautiful in their own rights. This campaign aims to show to the people that in modeling, there is no racial stereotype. Each individual is given the same opportunity.