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I'm a fashion photographer who is lucky enough to have lived in New York, Copenhagen and London in the past decade (Mostly NYC). I love NYC because of all the amazing amount of inspiration as well as the great artist who make it so alive. My approach to photography starts and centers around the fashion. I believe stylists are the visionaries of our time and my aim is to capture and amplify what they do. So when approaching a shoot I'll always ensure that the location, lighting and all relevant elements will suit the mood. Susan Sontag said that photographs are "miniatures of reality that anyone can make or acquire". I couldn't agree more. And that approach flavors my style in that I tend to capture a slice of the real world with my photography. That's why I try to work with current and actual fashion in real world locations. Please take a look at my portfolio. There you'll find work from NYC, Los Angeles, Copenhagen, Stockholm and more.


29 Oct 15 17:12
Great work!
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