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I am very passionate about my work, I have been in the Industry for 7 yrs. I have aquire many titles as I versitile, I love to know everything about my passion. I am a creative producer. This started as becoming known for my own concepts in which I design and make the costumes, props etc. I love to bring paintings and drawings to life, as well as cos play. I have recreated jessica rabbit and poison ivy. My designs are one of a kind, I own a small boutique for custom orders. I work with local artists Co producing videos, listening to their music and giving feed back, as well as what I see for the best video. I am currently working on several major projects that I hope to be published soon. I am a promoter/promo model, work events, host, coordinate, plan events. Which lead to marketing. I am a model coach. And many more. I model every area, I believe models are rare. Versitalitly is a must.i love graphics, composits, and conceptual photography. Anything else, just inbox me. ;)
Shoe size 9
Long brown hair with blonde highlights and a bit of burgundy


There are so many I wouldn't know where to start. I would have to come back here.


26 Nov 15 16:16
Cool work!
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