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I will respect what you have noted on your profile, and I think that I have reached the stage in my life and photographic hobby that I would only take nudes if the model asked me to or she had some ideas to add to her portfolio. I am not doing this to see naked women.

I am currently looking to work with models in the area of traditional style pin up, not modern 'lads magazine stuff', but more like the 1940s and 1950, the cute 'girl back home' look. Also some quirky shoots, some that may be edgy, others that are just fun.

Ther other area that I am working on is 'fitness', which is a great way for a model to show her figure and legs, whilst not distracting from her face with nudity.

I am based in the eastern suburbs of Sydney and usually shoot Saturdays or Sunday mornings.

Over the last few years I have worked with amateur and semi-professional models as much as I can, often with pleasing results. I have two separate pages at an arts / photographic website that you may be aware of - deviantart - my pages being for general photography and for photography based more on the female form.

I want to expand my experience, by working with women who enjoy working collaboratively. I don't think that I have all the ideas.

I have absolutely no difficulty with models bringing chaperones to shoots, and on more than one occaision I have put a camera into the chaperone's hands so that they too can take photos, with sometimes very pleasing results.

Models get a USB stick with all images taken at the end of every shoot and they later get edits and prints.

Whilst I am an amateur I always pay models, at least a nominal amount as their time is valuable.

I don't work with any model who is under 20 years old and prefer models over 23.


14 Dec 15 17:12
Welcome! Wishing you all the best.
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