About Me

I am passionate about photography since I was a teenage, using mobile phones to take pictures of school friends. Then I decided to take my passion to a higher level so I bought a DSLR and took proper course in photography from a top notch photographer in Mauritius and do work as assistant photographer sometime also.

I would like to grow as a photographer, I would like to travel the world through photography. Any offer in the photography field I am interested. I would like to work with international models and photographers.

I love doing model / fashion shoot. I am here on this platform so I can meet awesome & professional photographer around the world and this will definitely increase my knowledge in photography and to also meet beautiful, gorgeous and professional models around the globe. So any photographer and/or model coming to Mauritius can contact me for a shoot and it will be an honor for me.


11 Jan 16 17:30
You have some lovely images :)
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