About Me

My name's Carine Vidal and i'm a Model Photographer from South Africa. My passion started from my love of the human body, we are all unique and that is what kicked off my love for Photography. I started off my career in 2005 by doing urban/nature shoots with amatuer models in various cities throughout South Africa. I expanded my horizons by starting doing shoots in professional studios. I am a very friendly and easy going but i maintain professional conduct at all times. This enabled me to work easily with models that had no previous experience. I made them feel comfortable in front of the camera and this led to more adventorous shoots.

In 2009 i moved to the UK and started working with Uk based models doing more outside urban shoots and i am driving to further my career as a successful photographer.

My rates are available on reqeust

Feel free to contact me if you would be interested in working alongside me or even if you just have any questions.


28 Sep 16 18:19
Thx for the connexion :)
31 Mar 16 19:30
Welcome! Wishing you all the best.
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