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Hiya. My name is Kitty.
My modeling name is Kitty Tolerance or Kitties forsaken depending who you are.
My measurements might be off a bit keep in mind.
The Types of shoots I Do varies. I've done a ton of different kind's but the ones I enjoy most are:
*Water shoots
*Horse or country
*Black and white

Although These are my favorites I am up for almost anything, I like experimenting and finding out what works for me.
the types of shoots I wont do are:

*Some kink shoots
* nudes (Only Artistic. I wont do the rest)
*Bodily Fluids
*jumping off of things from heights
*Animal gore
*house studio Photo shoots.

The things I Do want to do more are Country shoots, Professional business shoots, Glitter and gems, Animal, Water, and Lace photo shoots. I think it would be cool to try some paint, and other things.

Id like to hear your thoughts though, I appreciate direction or ideas.

Id you want to my rates:

Its really depends on the day, the shoot, where it is, and what I'm doing and who the photographer is. my normal rate is $90 a shoot. Now, that amount does chance on these factors...

*If I am shooting any spread shoots (since I don't do Them unless your paying me...I do charge the standard $90 free plus $100 in hand before the shoot, and 100$ after the shoot so in all $290. Porn Models get paid $800-$2,000 for any pornographic shoots.

* If I Know the Photographer is a complete creep and a horny Bastard who just wants Spank bank material, and is in no way trust worthy I charge $150 - $200 up front.

*TRAVEL: If you want me to shoot out of state we will have to talk about my rates because again they vary. I don't have a car and Traveling for me is very difficult. So Most likely you will be paying for my trip up and back. If I am traveling and NEVER met you before I Will require a chaperone. Someone of my choosing and who I trust. Or I wont go. But as i said we will have to discuss it further.

*TFP/TF/Trades: If I know you and trust you and know you well usually I'll let the 90$ slide and go for trade. I do a few of group shoots and I usually will trade for pictures. Weather it be clothes, apparel, Food, pictures depends we can make a deal. If I really like your work I will offer trades as well. I before you ask. Sex is definitely not a trade and you should be ASHAMED to even ask or suggest it.

I Am part of the kink community so for the photographers I {TRUST} I will consider doing some kinky shoots with you. I'm not afraid of most things IE Rope, chains, fake blood, Ect are completely ok, although Please ask before hand what you had in mind and don't just think im ok with something. You will piss me off very quickly.

Well, I think I covered everything. If you have any questions feel free to ask. If you wish for my other information, or want to talk other then here feel free to ask. I dont visit this site often so keep in mind I probably wont get back to you right away.

Have a good day. I look forward to working with you.


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20 Aug 16 13:53
I’m available for TFCD and free collaborations with qualified aspiring & working Models like you, and Nikonians Pro Colleagues Photographers & Videographer from in/out NY State and Manhattan and five borough of New York City.
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