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Four of our works were on display at Nude Nite Orlando 2010.

We are also located in New Orleans!

We work with beginners as well as professional models to expand our portfolio and the Models. This site also affords us the opportunity to network with other models, make-up artists and photographers in this area.

We can provide make-up, hair and images at a very affordable rate. Prices are based upon location, theme and style of shoot.

We have received most of our schooling from Crealde School of Art in Winter Park, Florida under Rick Lang, a reknown photographer.

We continue to improve our skills through numerous photography schools, seminars and websites

We have been photographing Models for seven years. Many from OMP, MM, MU and iModel.

We were recently published in "Nude" by Red Bubble.

We currently have been published four times.

We were privileged to be the Official Photographers for the Special Olympics Basketball tournament and Golf Tournament for 2008 in Orlando, Florida and Nathaniel's Walk in Orlando, Florida

Recently worked the Blue Martini, MAC Viva Glam Event!

Below is a portion of the series entitled "Visions of Japan" by International body artist "Pashur". The remainder are on our images page


" Visions of Japan", Red Jade won 2nd Place out of 29,900 applicants









Our work has won numerous awards over the past three years.

Also located in New Orleans!

Our portraiture work is shown in the Orlando Sentinal (Business Section). We provide all the portrait work for a local commercial firm.

Also see us at: http://modelsunique.com/JohnOverton/

Worked with:

Pashur the Body Painter MM1727 & OMP( numerous times)
Juan Pantoja - Body Artist/Special Effects Make-up
Athena Body Painter

Make-Up Artist:
Laura Dulay OMP (2 times)
Jaun Pantoja - MM411947 (numerous times)
Hair by PJ
Glamour by Kayleigh MM#547486
Melissa Velazquez MM#520188
Sugarface Cosmetics - MM1076642
Lauren Kattan - MM1064209

Models we have had the pleasure of working with:
Kimberly - OMP ( 2 times)
London - OMP & MM36768
Cody Richards - OMP
Amanda M. - OMP
Julie - OMP
Anna - OMP
Meredith - OMP
Krystal - OMP
Patricia - OMP
Pamela - OMP
Ashley - OMP
Tracy - OMP ( 2 times)
Nick -OMP
Margarita - OMP & MM#439934 ( 2 times)
Sabrina Fox - OMP
Amanda R.- OMP
Courtney - OMP
Melissa - OMP
Lianna - OMP
Julie - OMP
Pamela J.- MM 474850 & OMP 333561( 8 times)
Danielle A.- OMP
Marliese - MM531941
Suzanna - MM
Michelle - MM
Erena - MM 598148 ( 2 times)
Marisa - MM 598315
Becca Leung - MM 436836 & OMP
Atta - MM
Javier - MM
Clayton - MM
Massiel - MM
Laurie - OMP
Nicole - OMP & MM
Monica - OMP
Abby - OMP
Angela - OMP
Amanda M. - OMP
Jessica - OMP
Pamela M. - OMP
Lorraine - OMP
Yanick - OMP
Amanda W. - OMP
Carmen - OMP
Tammy - OMP
Patricia F. - OMP
Michelle - MM 410867 ( 3 times)
Derek - MM499182
Danielle - MM315736
Tiffany - MM479948
Destiny Tran - MM460991
Susan Yeung - MM86911
Bunny Electric - MM405884 ( 2 times)
Anabel Lee - MM628189
Candice - MM96576
Tamera - MM8763
KT - MM263892
Crystallyn - MM534202 (3 times)
Yesi Jovet - MM636520
Nika Barnhill - MM219087 (2 times)
Christie Love - MM226865
Joan - Not listed
Amanda - Not listed
Kimberly - MM820240
Karen - MM720693
Kristin - MM720693 (2 times)
Laura - MM708724
Ashley - MM699739
Selle - MM1400826
Charme' - MM
Shanah - MM
Shelly Canon - MM76830
Irina Sarikova - MM1113319
Shalott - MM752156
Forlorn - MM612895
Druscilla Killswtich - MM140247
Maya Perle - MM682198
Irina Sarikova - MM1113319
Tree - MM1178994
Kyna Berry - MM1516822
Alainn - MM14613
Nicole Moon - MM1608065
Bella Dea - MM1672817
Kendall Mickal - MM1743738
Sasha - MM1878144
Brittany - MM1554295
Elise Fabrizia - MM2032950

Photographers collaborated with:
Herblish - MM193267 (2 times)
CareyP - MM405502
Sung - MM9196 (2 times)
Waterworld Images - MM579953

Models that did not show or call:
Jacquelynn Muse - MM1068474
Tita Reis - MM499548
Courtney Crawford - MM1085551


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