About Me

I'm a Seattle based photographer who started out doing mostly landscapes. But over the last few years my photographic interests have moved to people and animals. Those interests include glamour, boudoir, lingerie, pin-up, fashion, swimwear and light fetish. I want to create images that capture the beauty, grace and allure of women. Consequently, I'm only interested in shooting male models in conjunction with female.

I don't shoot nudes. I have nothing against fine art nudes, they're just not my "cup of tea". My preference (limit) is implied nudity or just sexy outfits.

I have an easy going, casual attitude, but at the same time believe in being organized, reliable, punctual, respectful and professional.

At the moment, I'm not looking to make money from photography (my 9-to-5 job pays well enough). That might change in the future. But for now, my preference would be TF* to help build a solid portfolio. However, I'm open to hiring a model if the circumstances seem mutually beneficial.

Currently, I don't have a studio or studio lighting equipment. But renting a studio in the area is an option. And I've been shooting at various Meetups which include studio work. The rest of the time, I shoot in natural light or use speedlight flashes.

Although I occasionally travel, I'd prefer to stay within a 200 mile radius of Seattle. This allows for a 1-day car trip that includes several hours of shooting time.

If you think we can work together or want to explore some concept, drop me a line. And thank you for viewing my profile.



23 Apr 16 20:48
Nice work!
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