About Me

Hey, I'm Sam! I love fashion and I like to try new things with my look including makeup and hair. I got into modelling about a year ago and had some really great learning experiences and loved working with people on concepts and creating art. I'm pretty outgoing and down to earth, I have a huge variety of wardrobe, I color my hair often and I'm certainly open to doing a color just for a shoot! I've done all of my own makeup and I'm open to trying things out of my comfort zone. Now that I'm finished with school and working my schedule is open, so if you're interested in possibly working on something, shoot me a message. Thanks for reading, I look forward to working with you!


20 Aug 16 13:44
I’m available for TFCD and free collaborations with qualified aspiring & working Models like you, and Nikonians Pro Colleagues Photographers & Videographer from in/out NY State and Manhattan and five borough of New York City.
25 Apr 16 19:20
Welcome! Wishing you all the best.
25 Apr 16 17:45
Outstanding photographs, and you are a joy to view...
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