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:: 2010 TRAVEL DATES ::

NYC (June 23rd - 27th)
NYC (July 9th - 12th)
NYC (July 23rd - 26th)


I prefer my shoots to be very well thought out with clearly defined concepts and expected final images. Of course creative juices are welcomed during a shoot, but I want all involved to walk away with the images that were originally intended (along with whatever creative shots that are thought of on set). I also prefer that a MUA and hair stylist be involved, either of your choosing or mine. All that said, the most important aspect of a shoot is to HAVE FUN!

I'm open to working with models of different types and backgrounds. I'm a big fan of variety, shooting the same thing over and over gets boring.


We should meet once before the shoot in order to iron out the details (concept, MUA, hair stylist, location, etc). The meeting shouldn't take any longer than 20 - 30 minutes unless the gift of gab takes over.


Lately I've been gravitating more towards shoots that are less fashion and more art. I'm interested in shooting any of the following...

- Any ULTRA creative artistic concepts
- Commercial (think Bazaar/Vogue/Elle/Cosmo type ads)
- Bodyscapes / Art or Implied Nude

I'm trying to stay away from shooting multiple looks in one shoot. I've found that going all out on one look produces much better results than trying to squeeze multiple looks into one shoot. There will always be exceptions, but I try to stick to this (especially for TFP shoots).

:: RATES ::

The time has come where I must begin charging for shoots:

- Location: $50/hr
- Studio: $65/hr

After comparing my rates to other photographers with the same skill level, you'll find mine to be VERY reasonable! Please don't associate the low cost with lack of skill! Although I provide professional results, photography is still just a hobby for me. I'm not out to make a profit, I'm merely recovering the costs of shooting (cameras, lights, software, studio time, etc).

:: TFCD ::

I still very much welcome TFCD shoots with models (and concepts) that add to my portfolio. If I contacted you first via MM's messenger then I'm almost certainly open to shooting TFCD with you. If you contact me about a TFCD shoot first, here is a tip...pay special attention to the very first sentence in my profile!!! The more creative the concept, the more likely I am to shoot it! For an idea of the type of work I'm talking about, look at my list!!!


More than anything else, I want models that I shoot to be comfortable. It will show in the photos if you aren't!!! If having someone with you improves your comfort level then by all means bring them! HOWEVER, this person MUST NOT interfere with the shoot in any way unless I ask him/her to assist!!! Also, you will be responsible for damage and/or theft of equipment by your escort, so bring someone who is responsible!


Within 24 hours of the shoot, all images will be posted online for the model to review only. Do not publish ANY of these unedited images online or otherwise!!! (Both of our names are attached to these photos, so why not have a little patience and wait for the higher quality final images instead!?!?!?!) The model/MUA/stylist/designer may each select up to 3 images to be edited. Within 2 weeks of selecting your 3 images, they will be delivered on a CD that contains both web and print versions . Along with the model’s selected images, my favorites will also be included on the CD (there may be some overlap!).

Prints of the edited images may be purchased at any time after the final delivery of the CD.


:: MODELS ::
Sharon Johnson
Joaesco [MM #888895]
Afrikana [MM #1036812]
Yasmine Simone [MM #1216994]
Stacy Lane
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Ms Red Passion [MM #630181]
Nealean [MM #120]
Forbidden-Fruit [MM #679482]
Denim [MM #737222]
Ashley Washignton[MM #712368]
Alecsandria Dominique[MM #715303]
Da Cutest Chick Alive [MM #593268]
Queen Supreme [MM #583415]
Britt Cheri [MM #597869]
Ms Crys [MM #73028]
Ashley Ford
Tatiyana Johnson
Denisha Cooper
Danielle Mabry [MM #639610]
The Body Beautiful [MM #225612]
Nicole Renee [MM #512237]
Angee B.
Elana Pettigrew [MM #185062]

Stacy Powell [MM #570541]
Zelda Opara

Andrea (D Vixen Makeup) [MM #672097]
Christa Crittle [MM #656355]
King [MM #688768]
Krystyn J [MM #600752]
Camille Twilley
Kelli Kolors [MM #356857]

VinJ [MM #704409]
828 Collection [MM #36595]

:: OTHERS ::
Xcel Models [website]