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Welcome to the world of an up-and-coming photographer. I love this creative world called digital photography. To me, it represents the occupied space where a person may exude his or her expression, creativity and imagination through a lens. I want to be part of this world and I strive to convey my passion with every photo I take.

As a photographer, my main objective is to meet interesting people who are willing to allow me to explore this brave new world of digital photography with them. I would love to work with makeup artists, stylists and models who are familiar with TFP (time for pictures) and need to create a portfolio of their own.

Who am I? I am but a mere student of an art that has been cultivated for centuries. I am hoping to gain a mere sliver of the knowledge that has been bestowed upon those who preceded me - solely for the love of the craft. I don't seek wealth, just the freedom to explore the imagination of others and to help enliven my own. I want these dreams to be captured on a sensor, fused onto printed-paper and then given to the world. That’s who I am at heart.

On the surface, I am 36 years of age and married to an amazing woman who has long been supportive of my desires to become a better photographer. She fosters new ideas and growth within me, as she wants me to succeed at this as much as I do. Like me, she is an ambitious person who is always seeking for new opportunities to network with outgoing people.

So, please feel free to setup a photo shoot with a humble person who will do his best to make you feel comfortable in a safe environment. I shoot out of my home and I have all the equipment necessary to produce quality pictures. I just need new and experienced models to help me become better at my craft.


11 Jun 11 11:08
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