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About Me

Primeval Edge encompasses the photographic works of Allan Cameron. I shoot mostly in the newcastle / hunter valley region of NSW. Ever evolving, the styles which capture my interest currently include Casual Fashion, Bikini, Pin Up, Lingerie, and Glamour.

Being strictly an amateur photographer, I've got to balance Family, Business and Photography more than some others, so may not always be able to shoot when or as often as requested.

I'm currently looking for challenging concepts that push my creative boundaries, Preference is given to projects that include a make up artist and hair stylist as part of the proposal. I am not looking to work with Diva's. If your not about hard work while having fun and more about being as difficult as possible to get along with, look somewhere else.


After literally hundreds of photoshoots over the past few years this section grew bigger than Ben Hur so I have removed individual mentions.

Every single model I've ever worked with has my utmost respect and thanks, without you all I couldn't have produced the work I've created to date.

To my fellow photographers, Sorry I do not give references even on the quiet.
It has been my experience that not every shoot "clicks". This is never only due to one party or the other, it's just how it is. Where I might find a model brilliant to work with, and work with her over and over again, you might not and vice verse.