About Me

I'm an amateur photographer with over 40 years experience and approach every shoot with a professional attitude. I expect the same level of commitment from models I work with.

Shoots are arranged on a paid, part paid or TFCD basis.


I'm not interested in shooting fashion or any other genre at the moment. The genre I shoot is art nude with an increasing interest in erotic and fetish photography.

My work and references can be seen on www.schotz.co.uk

Published in Digital SLR magazine

interview for Univers d' Artistes

http://www.universdartistes.com/2009/07 … 0faa1b32ae


Models Ivetan x2 Uloren_Vex x3 Katy_T Button GeorgieK x2 Kayt Webster Brown x2 Anita_De Bauch x2 Ivoryflame Sam Hayles CarlyPeacock Miss_Lou_Lou Nymphae x2 Lottie21 rhinodancer Fi Stevens Madame_Bink Anaiya Fashion ModelHeidz Tidal Kitten EveWynter DeadlyD0ll Paul Dixon Trouble Apparently Mss_EmmaJ Lady_Blossom aventuryn quietly_filthy Jo_Louise Chrissie_Red RedDove Raphaella