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About Me

I shoot the world as I think it should be seen -- beautiful, vibrant, and intense.

Oh! by the way, Jack is the top dog. He's a silent partner....when he's sleeping. I'm Richard. Jack is in this for the fun and glamour. He leaves the work to me.

When we shoot, here'™s what you're in for --“
-- Unlimited Starbucks. We also have our own really good -- I mean, really good coffee.
-- Lunch. We like to eat well. The Guatamalean hole-in-the-wall restaurant down the street is amaaazing. Yes, they even have vegetarian. But they get very confused by it. But they love us anyway.
-- Oh, did I mention the studio has a swing? Oooolala!
-- If the shoot goes well. We all get cupcakes. Yes.....you can have a juice box, too.
-- If the shoot goes reeeeallly well. I'™ll bring Jack. But only when we'€™re done. Once you meet his convivial personality, you'™ll forget about me. :)

-- I'€™m not above bribes. If a model gets all persnickety I have been known to offer chocolate. The really good stuff. But no doggy bags allowed. Just to clarify --€“ a model really doesn'€™t have to be persnickety to receive this offer.

Thanks for the Friends and Tags. It'€™s mighty fuzzilicious --€“ and thanks, again. But it'€™s even nicer to create art. And get paid for it. And that'€™s what we'€™re here for -- yes? So, let'™s get to it!

Current projects -- a short list
-- Retro BW Hollywood glamour. Done the way it used to be. But done our way.
-- The art of femininity. Want to closely collaborate with models to illustrate what femininity means to you.
-- Cigars. And the women who look good with them.
-- Dance. The art of movement - classical, flashdance, jazz. Move it or lose it.
-- Noodz --As Walt Disney said – Always leave them wanting more. Some is good...but a bit of mystery adds to the impact. But then, again....
-- Fashion extreme
-- Wild Hair, wild women