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First,Thanks for visiting my port! I view myself as an artist since the majority of my work is the bi-product of Photography and Photoshop. My photographer side always just wants to nail a solid high quality image utilizing lighting, setups, locations, concepts, and compositions along with a beautiful model posing to his/her/their strengths to compliment the aforementioned requirements of a shot. Using Photoshop satisfies my deeper creative needs and allows me to bring a vision to life, manipulate scenery, or touchup a model. I will continue to grow in both areas until I reach an expert level with both disciplines.

Shooting with me, rates, TF, copyright, etc..
I love to have fun but I am very serious about photoshoots, and our time/energy/focus should not be taken too lightly (gotta keep it fun!). I work on a TFCD basis, and I will provide at least 3-8 post processed images from the shoot, in JPEG format, fully edited, and they will have my signature on them. I will provide additional shots that were taken, but only the ones I feel are worth delivering. If I ask to shoot with you please take it as a serious request! I have no time for games! I am only looking to work with serious models.I don't care what your port looks like because we can always improve it, since thats why were all on this site!! Just be serious about your craft, know anything about posing, know what poses work for you, be confident, communicate your ideas/boundaries/goals, come ready to work and have fun!

If you contact me for a TFCD shoot I am expecting you to be prepared to discuss what you would like to accomplish (concepts, ideas, looks, themes) with our collaboration. This way I can better serve you and deliver a piece of art that exceeds both our expectations. If you don't have any solid ideas we can collectively come up with something together so it is a win win situation for both of us.

My Style
I shoot sexy, edgy, looks however, I can shoot whatever is presented and whatever a model would like to have shot. I don't discriminate against any look or style. You will find while working with me that I treat everyone with the highest level of respect. I am trying to bring a little more POP to my port so I'm looking to spice things up a bit. I am here to network with like-minded individuals only! My mind state is that we are all ASPIRING in our craft, so we can all use or need the help to improve our craft and/or ports.

No drive by friends request please!! If you want to add me as a friend please take a minute to comment on a picture or two. If your not feeling any of my shots, thats cool tooTag me. I believe that comments should only reward excellence or above average work! Piling up friends for the sake of having a huge friends list is myspace-ish and devalues this site. So, I want to maintain a manageable friends list so I know that everyone on it enjoyed something about my body of work. Constructive criticism is also welcomed since I am opening myself up as an artist.

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Models that I have had the pleasure and honor to work with.

Heather N Carter Jamiea
Kanika Akilah Nadira
Shalon Renee Rishcia
Nikki Dee Pie
Angel Eyes76 Sikia
Cherokeee Mahduri
Hot1SSS Maya
Sherrie82 Crystal
BeeJ Portia
MikaBelle B West
Ava Sage
Mi Sa


23 Sep 14 00:06
Nice port! Keep up the good work!
23 Sep 14 00:05
Beautiful work!
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