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About Me

Mythic, Mystical, Legendary and Natural Images.

Traditional and Digital Artist, I often shoot for resources to create my artwork from, as well as purely photographic images for Fine Art, Faery, Fantasy and Epic prints and product work.

Nudes and Fantasy in Nature, Low light, candle, fire and lighting effects both on site and in studio work.

I do little commercial work, the majority of my time being spent on Fine Arts and Artist's Resources. Many of my models have been the muse for fine art works by artists around the world, working from my photos, or connecting through me to work directly with the artists.

I do require a full commercial release for all work that I do unless you are paying me as a client, then I require the work be available for use in my portfolio and galleries. I very rarely take paid jobs, its just not what I am interested in. Art is what drives me, and the collaborative creative power of an artist and a model working together to go beyond what either can do alone.

I am also a model for many fine artists that have done hundreds of Wizards, Vikings, Tarot Cards, published works of me in many magazines and art books, and as a nude figure model for figure students and Fine Art Figure Artists.

I can be quite flexible in what I shoot and I am happy to shoot for your book or any projects you may have in mind while we are shooting together. I am very much of the mind that we co create, and it takes both of us to accomplish truly epic images.

I generally do not have a problem with giving extensive usage rights to the images we capture. That includes selling prints or products such as calendars, as long as my photographic credits remain with the product. Its not about making a living, its about living art.

Spirits bless,


Art Reference director for Elftown and Elfwood artists.
Publicity and art photographer for StarPony Productions
Chairman of the SPADNAA Project for Elfwood and Elftown
Featured as the model in many wizarding and mystical artworks by various artists.


15 Jun 10 08:39
Welcome to iStudio! Great atmosperes!
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